Tuesday, April 13, 2010

888th Day of Homegalhandmade Giveaway

Crafters pack:

4 felts(approx. 23 X 41cm)
3 fabrics(approx. 42 X 42 cm)
2 zips
2 hairband
5 bells
3 cotton buttons
5 coconut shell buttons
1 box of small beads(5 colours in it)

non-Crafters pack: (there are all done by me. ^^)
1 green handmade recycle bag(with brooch)
1 blue ribbon brooch
1 flower hand band
1 pink crown keychain
1 rabbit ears hair clip
1 devil ears
2 wooden paper pin
3 cotton buttons

Ni la first time nak join Giveaway. Selalu tengok orang je join, kali ni nak jugak cuba. Ada 2 type og gift sebenarnya. First type is for Crafter's Pack. macam-macam ada. Pada new beginner pun memang bagus gak dapat semua ni. Ada kain felts, fabric, buttons dan macam-macam lagi le. But for me, I nak yang non-Crafters Pack. Bukan apa, asyik buat sendiri je, sekali-sekala nak gak dapat yang handmade dari orang lain. Anyway, untuk further info silalah lawat kat sini ye.

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